'One million homeless' in Haiti

By Mike Thompson
BBC News, Port-au-Prince
September 13, 2008

Gonaives has been devastated by successive storms

Haiti's Prime Minister Michele Pierre-Louis has said that a series of storms may have left as many as one million Haitians without a home.

Ms Pierre-Louis, who has called on the international community to more assistance, said part of the city of Gonaives might have to be moved.

She said the whole country has been devastated by four storms which struck in just over three weeks.

The problem was too great for Haiti to deal with on its own, she added.

"We need major support and it is time for the world to understand that," she said.

"We've suffered too much in this country."

Strong winds and torrential rains over the past month have battered Haiti's already fragile infrastructure and left more than 550 people dead.

Ms Pierre-Louis told the BBC that part of the city of Gonaives, which was almost completely destroyed by the hurricanes, may now have to be built elsewhere.

She also admitted that unless victims of the storms receive more help, rising discontent could force her from office.

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