Venezuela, DR To Build Gas Line

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SANTO DOMINGO - High officials of Venezuela and the Dominican Republic went through a diagram on Friday of Venezuelan natural gas supply to the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

The plan comprises the building of a gas pipeline which is expected to substantially reduce the onerous fuel consumption bill and it is sponsored by the beneficiary countries member of Petrocaribe.

Dominican Minister of Economy Vicente Bengoa and the representative of Petroleos de Venezuela Anibal Rosa said during a press conference there are two options that cost $105 million and $326 million, respectively.

One of the diagrams describes a route through the south of the Dominican Republic to Haiti and the other through the north to the same point and back.

Both routes were checked during the 4th meeting of the Petrocaribe Work Group on Gas attended by representatives of Nicaragua, Jamaica, Guatemala and Surinam.

Petrocaribe is a project orchestrated by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to supply Caribbean and Central American countries with oil at low prices.

The sources refrained from releasing the treaty's closure date but made emphasis on the fact the gas pipeline project might take 12 to 24 months depending on the route chosen.

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